E-com Delivery Management System

The e-Com Delivery Management System Software is the most cost-effective management tool for your delivery business. Over 20 years experience of software development and support in the courier and logistics industry, SIPL has created e-Com Delivery Management System (EDMS); the most flexible delivery management software in the market today.

How to block Profanity(Bad language) Comments on Facebook

If you’re an admin of a Page, you can block certain words from appearing on your Page and turn on the profanity filter in Facebook.

  • First get list compiled for words you do not like
  • Go into the face book page.
  • Select “Settings”.
  • In the “General” tab
  • Edit the “Page Moderation” option.
  • Paste all word(you like to block) in the comma separated list.

Hope this helps in keeping the your Facebook page clean and profanity free.

Happy Independence Day to all of you from SIPL Team

jan gan man adhinayak jay he
bharat bhagya vidhata
punjab sindhu gujrat maratha
dravid utkal banga
vindhya himachal jamuna ganga
uchhal jaldhi taranga
tab shubh name jage
tab shubh aashish mange
gaaye tab jay gatha

jan gan mangal dayak jay he
bharat bhagya vidhata
jay he jay he jay he
jay jay jay jay he
jay jay jay jay he